Thursday 2 November 2023

One day workshop on' ICT Orientation with special reference to Edubuntu

One day workshop on' ICT Orientation with special reference to  Edubuntu ' for BEd first semester students (A joint venture of Technogogy (IT Club)& IQAC of NSS TC, OTTAPALAM 

No wonder our college initiates everything timely!!!  The newest example is the one-day workshop on ‘ICT Orientation with special reference to Edubuntu’, conducted on 02/11/2023. This time it was the joint venture of Technogogy, the IT Club and IQAC of the college. The workshop was scheduled exclusively for the first semester BEd students since it is going to be the most essential practical session as far as their upcoming teaching sessions are taken into account. The inauguration of the workshop was done with an element of digital practice   by Pro. (Dr). Ampili Aravind, our respected principal by introducing Augmented Reality to the audience. Just after the welcome speech and felicitation delivered by Dr. Lekshmi V and Dr. Sreevidya Nair N respectively, the technical session was commenced by the resource person, Dr. K S Sajan, IQAC Coordinator of our college.

Objectives of the Workshop:

Through the workshop, it was intended to-

  1. Familiarise digital platforms of the college

  2. Familiarise various digital platforms created by government for implementation in schools

  3. Familiarise different digital tools for teachers’ perusal

  4. Familiarise some hardware tools for teachers

The sessions:

The one-day workshop included a technical session which consisted of two presentation sessions followed by Workshop practices. In the sessions, the basic knowledge of students in ICT was checked and its significance was explained.  A number of useful applications and sites such as Samagra, Edutainment materials, Digital lesson plans, E-portfolio, Poster maker, and PPT tools were introduced to the students. Microphone usage and projector operation were also being familiarised. The session also covered content creation tools like AZ Screen Recorder and online interactive Apps such as, Nearpod, Whiteboard, and The workshop focused on teaching students video editing through VN Video Editor and preparation of digital question papers with the help of Google Forms. Certain language games such as, Teencraft, Plotagon Studio and Comica.

Feedback session:

The reflections in the feedback session reminded the ignorance of some students in the use of smartphones and some new applications. For this reason, too, the workshop turned out to be the most beneficial one to all students. The students left the room with confidence and enthusiasm for being digitally equipped teacher trainees with high motivation to know more….