Friday, 29 August 2014

B Ed. Practical Internal mark proforma

Paper bag manufacturing

Under the guidship of suresh sir the teacher trainees in the BEd college made 3 useful products as a part of their social service .EAch and every student in the NSS training college participated in it as a platform to exhibit their own talents.ACtualy by this product work the students are realising their own talents which are unknown to them.The main products are paper bag,book binding...

Science show chameleon

Physical science association of NSS Training college ,Ottapalam is organising Science show named "chameleon" on 02/09/2014 at 1.15 pm.All are invited

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Publication of research articles in International Journals

Publication of research articles in International Journals

An interaction session on “Publication of research articles in International Journals ” was conducted in the M. Ed department on 25/08/14 it. The session was taken by Mrs.Sreelatha, Research scholar, Pondicherry Central University. The topic for the session is very relevant today. The class got an end by 4pm with a vote of thanks by Manoj.

peer tutoring

Peer tutoring was conducted in Psychology paper in Natural science students under the supervision of Smt Seema Gopinath Lecturer in Education

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Poster exhibition

Posters seen exhibited during a poster making programme held for 8 and 9 standard students at TRK HSS Vaniyamkulam on 07 August 2014.

NAAC. Criteria point wise explanation class

Dr K S Girija Principal delivers a class in connection with NAAC accreditation process item wise explanation

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A class on “Professionalism”

A class on “Professionalism” was conducted in the Social Science optional class on 25/08/14 at 12’o clock; it was a 45 minute class. The class was taken by Mrs.Sreelatha, research scholar, Pondicherry University. “Role of a Social Science teacher in a knowledge society” was the core of the class. The topic for the class is very relevant today, because, even we are educated, we don’t have much ability to react against the evil practices in the society. By saying this she quoted the words “the world suffers a lot not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of the good people”. She also gave us the message that we can’t change anything but changing yourself, you will find the world changes around you”. The class got an end by 12.45 pm with a vote of thanks by Chinju Francis.

English Quiz Held

English Quiz Held
A quiz competition was held on 8 August 2014, Friday at G.V.H.S.S Cherupulassery by Reshmi.K and Sreelakshmi M. P. ,English teacher trainees of NSS Training college ,Ottapalam.  The quiz competition was held for 9th standard students . Among the participants, Athira and Roshna of 9-I recieved the first and second prizes, respectively .

A class on SPSS was conducted

An invited class on SPSS was conducted for MEd students by Dr Joshith P D F on 26 August 2014

A demonstration class on library automation software KOHA wad confucted in our college

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Visualisation of 'The Enchanted Shirt' Held

English teacher trainees (Geetha Lakshmi and Ramitha) organized a skit at L.S.N convent, Ottapalam based on the ballad 'The Enchanted Shirt' written by John Hay.  Students themselves wrote the script and enacted the visual representation of the ballad.

Qizz competition held by English Department

Quiz competition held
  As part of teaching practice, English teaching trainees (sreeshma and sunitha) from English option conducted a quiz competition on  4-7-2014 for high school students at koonathara G.V.H.S.S.The quiz was held in four rounds. The first, second and third prizes in the quiz were bagged by Varsha from 9 B, Harsha from 9 A , Anurag from 10 B, respectively.

Reading competition by English department

Students performing at reading competition held at NSSKPT by English teacher trainees

Postermaking competition by Deparyment of english

Poster competition held.
The teacher trainees Deepasree and Shyama O. K of B.Ed English conducted a poster competition at G. H. S. S Vadanamkurshi on 1st August 2014. For the effective conduct of programme, different teams comprising of four students each from 9A, 8G, 8A, 9D were short listed for the competition. Students of 9A emerged as the winners of the programme.

Magazine Released Under the leadership of the English teaching trainees

Magazine Released
Under the leadership of the English teaching trainees at G.V.H.S.S. Pathiripala, students were asked to prepare a magazine exclusively for English. The Magazine was titled as 'Floral Dreams'. Principal Smt. Kanakamani released the magazine on 8th July 2014.

English manuscript magazine lead by English department students

Pictures of English manuscript magazine release held on 7-8-2014 at GHSS East Ottapalam.

Spell bee competition

Spell Bee Competition Held
The teacher trainees of B. Ed English conducted a 'Spell Bee' competition at HSS Ananganadi on 7-08-2014. For the effective conduct of the programme,  different teams including two students from each class were selected after an initial screening. Students of 8-F emerged the winners and 8-A became the runners up in the programme.

Aksharam English language enrichment program by drpartment of English

Add-on Language Enrichment Programme Held at SSOHS
'Aksharam', an English language learning activity was held at Sree Sankara Oriental High School, Lakkidi led by Meera Gopinathan and Chitra of B.Ed English, NSSTC . It was aimed at teaching English alphabets to those students who didn't know how to read or write the letters.The class was conducted everyday during the lunch break. The learners were taught how to write the letters and also some basic words. The students were asked to write in four line copies as it helped in learning the exact way to write the letters. The students participated in the activity, actively.

Poster making competion by English Department

Poster Making Competition Held
A poster making competition was held among the students of VIII of Mannam Memorial NSS English Medium School as part of English Language Education. Students prepared posters on the theme 'Save Trees' in the programme held on 07.08.2014. Learners, in groups prepared beautiful and informative posters with catchy phrases and attractive illustrations.
The winners of the competition were selected by the teacher trainees from NSSTC. The winners of the competition, selected from among the VIII standard students of Mannam Memorial NSS English High School were given prizes.

The winners are: Group 1 Members: 1.Vaisak T M 2. Visal U. J. 3) Sreenivedh 4) Rashid

Monday, 18 August 2014

Independence Day celebrations

Independence day celebration

We, celebrated 68’th Independence day of our nation extensively under the auspicious of department of Social Science. The ceremoy started at 9 am with an assembly commanded by our general captain Mr. Abhiash v v. Sethu S Nath, Asst. Prof. NSSTC, delivered a short and sweet welcome speech. After the song Vande Matharam, commander invited honourable principal to hoist the flag. The principal and Union Chairman gave a independence message to the students. The ceremony ends with national anthem by 9.30 am.
        After that a fabulous power point presentation and a Quiz programme were conducted under the leadership of Haris and Abhilash respectively. The Quiz included five rounds, from these the team from Physical Science won the first prize and Natural Science get the second prize. There is also some programmes like Speech, Patriotic Songs, Tablow etc….  The programme ends at 12.00 am with national anthem 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

REFLECTIONS A feed back on Teaching Practice

Sponsored By IQAC -UGC

Sponsored By IQAC -UGC
It is decided to conduct a feedback session on Practice teaching by students of N S S training college to share their experience and feelings they obtained and what they learn from the period of practice teaching from the school where they conduct the teaching session. Practice teaching is platform to practice the theory they obtained from the course syllabus and to rectify if any mistake they understood from the theory aspects.  Now with this reflective session we try to analyze whether the output is generated or whether completed all the activities or the objectives of the programme are satisfied or not. So for this session we invite all of you to participate and evaluate. Students reported many issues and experiences in the session some of the points are follows. Dhanya from Physical science option reported that it is very intresting to handle students than to handle chemical in chemistry lab as her previous experience as a PG chemistry student. Now she become motivated to become a teacher. Resmi (PS) from GHSS Mankara reported that she conductedseveral co curricular activities. Its very difficult  to handle IED students in the class.In KVR school Bibi reported that they conducted Quizz programs From LSN Convent geethaleksmi ( Eng) reported that the students are well disciplined Sreeja PS chunangad: Initiated lab works. Conduct lab works. Feel difficulty to get extra classes. Conducted it based classes. Experience of resource personals obtained. Meet different personalities.
Vatanamkurussi School. Somya PS: Conducted special classes in evening. Additional responsibilities are assigned for transporting of students. Obtained much cooperation from HM. Got good feedback from mentor teachers. Students feel bad when they returned. Nisha NS kattukulam HS: Behaviorist model classes are practiced. Mentor teachers are verified the lesson plan well. School assembly is good. Try to become a good teacher that is their aim to invite by students for extra classes. A special situation is handled when student smocked her. Pattambi HS .NS student. Mahitha. She comes from An average background situation.. Appreciate the innocence of students. Co operation between trainees is there. A professional evolution is obtained. Enjoy the colloquial language of students. Generally all teacher trainees develop speech ability in stage. Never make a mistake in class that’s an idea she obtained from practice teaching.
Cheruthurthy HSS Awathy Maths. :This school is  selected as first time as practice teaching school. How to manage student is done effectively. It based classes are not possible as facility is not there. Learning aids make it easy to manage students. All clubs celebrated different activities. Conducted a workshop for students by maths dept.
Ghs pambadi.Sajisha. Ns. Really act as a real teacher as there are no biology teacher in school. Participated in rallies related to antidrug campaign. Students are low standard. Students like teaching aids. No of studentsare very low in class. Personal attachment with students.Have got the experience of inspection by DEO. Helped to set a biology lab in school. Differently abled students are there. Ghs pathiripala. Deepa Mathew:Observed the class of school teachers. They are resourceful. Have much attachment with students. Gvhss cherpulassery thrupthy :Teachers are co operative. Work as partnership insttuition. And worked as fellow teachers. A museum is there where they are allowed to sit. Tensions to handle a mass class is reduced. Initially cannot control students. Later effectively managed. Chandrayan program is conducted. Good it lab is there so can conducted it based class.A boy interested in high level learning is there in class. Mentally retarded students are there in class. Such experience is obtained.
Sreekrishnapuram hss.Ramya.maths Food supply is a good experience as a part of mid day meal. DEO observed the class. Expel two students out of the class. It’s quite un psychological. Can learn different subjects from different classes. IED students are there in the class Abhilashss east Ottapalam: Evening class is effective for students. Anti drug activities. Magazines are prepared. Quiz programs rally essay concentration, poster making, ppt classes, conduct mock parliament and election, even conduct class in second saturday. Celebrated days of importance. Chandradinam hiroshima days. Posted many programs in fb. Students are enjoyed the classes of trainee teachers. Build co operation from peers.
Parali hss, anitha maths: Last year students give bad impression it is modified by this batch. Club inaugurations were conducted. A student give a feedback that’s make the student better in maths.KSMHSS.Varode. Suma p(ns) :Plant trees in school. SUPW is conducted in school. Vayanadinam celebrated. Parenting program is helped by trainees. Feel the problems of food. Trainees from other colleges inspired well. Reflective journal is completed. Psychological mental age is felt in detail. Mannam merial sruthi: Interesting programs are there.
Ssohs Lakkidi.Meera: A call as teacher is liked much. Koonathara HS Prasad Malayalam: Differentially abled students. Orphan students are there. Evening class is conducted. Mental problems are there. Documentary exhibition conducted.  TRK Vaniamkulam Sreedevi Maths. Feel congested to sit in the staffroom. Feel disobedience from students. Cannot psychologically manage the problem. Observe the classes of mentor teachers. Class managements is not good there also. Pazhayannur. Santhosh.:Old student of the school. So get much responsibilities from hm.  Do not make by heart learning. That’s his experience. Magazine is published.

Karnaki Amman HS Shinil. NS:  Several extracurricular activities are done. Diverse students are there in class so planning of class is difficult. Special classes are there in the mornings. Restless students are there in the class can manage them as life related experience are provided. Ananganadi Hs Ruksana: Consider them as fellow teachers.Vengassery Nss School. Hari NS Recognize the goodness of teaching profession. St Theresa Shornur Haritha. Disciplined students are there. Feel difficulty to get chance there to make practice teaching. Both curricular extracurricular activities are there. The trainees feel good the atmosphere. Sent of program is conducted in a good manner. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Farewell to Smt Tara S Nair

After eight years of service in our college SmtTara Tara S Nair transferred to N S S. College Pandalam.