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Academic Calender2014

Academic Calender- 2014
No. 24215/GA - IV - J2/2013/CU
Dated: 19.11.2013
Muhammed S
Deputy Registrar
Sub:- BEd-Academic Calendar- 2013-2014 Academic Year.
Ref :- 1.Letter from the Chairman,Board of Studies in Education UG, dated nil.
2.Orders of the Vice Chancellor on 18-11-13.
With reference to the above, it is hereby informed that the Academic Calendar for BEd Programme
under University of Calicut attached herewith is implemented for the Academic Year 2013-2014.
All the Affiliated Training Colleges, CUTECs and Lakshadweep Centres are requested to follow the
Enclo: Academic Calendar for BEd 2013-2014.
1.Affiliated Training Colleges.
3.Lakshadweep Centers.
Forwarded / By Order
Section Officer
Working day Major Events Date
001 Commencement of B.Ed Programme 2013-14 20/11/2013
019 Micro Teaching (30 Hours) 13/12/2013
030 Discussion Lessons (18 Hours) 07/01/2014
040 Preparation of Teaching Aids (6 Hours) 21/01/2014
050 Demonstration Lessons (6 Hours) 04/02/2014
055 Criticism Lessons (3 Days)-Classes in the forenoon &
Discussion in the afternoon
068 Field Trip/Study Tour(1 Day) Holidays may be prefixed or
suffixed for sufficient cushion
072 Community Living Camp (3 Days)A holiday may be suffixed
or prefixed.
077 F ield work with Community based programme & SUPW
(6 Hours)
090 End of I Semester. College closes for Summer Vacation 31/03/2014
Summer Vacation begins 01/04/2014
I Semester University Examination Begins(5 Days) Tentative 21/04/2014
091 B.Ed II Semester begins.[Reopens after summer vacation 02/06/2014
118 Teaching Practice cum School Internship & other School
Based Practicals (Minimum 30 days)
148 Teaching Practice Ends 22/08/2014
B.Ed Practical Examination begins (@2 days per centre) 29/09/2014
200 End of II Semester Closure of B.Ed Programme 2013-14 18/11/2014
II Semester University Examination Begins(5 Days) Tentative 20/11/2014
v The total number of working days should not be less than 200 together for
Semester I & II excluding admission and examination. The I Semester with 90
working days should be completed on or before 31st March ( ie.before the
closure of colleges for summer vacation)
v The college based and community based practicals shall be completed within
the stipulated 15 working days, prescribed in the first Semester
v Considering the I terminal examination in schools and the availability of
practice teaching Schools, teaching practice cum internship shall be arranged
preferably from July 9th to August 22nd 2014.
v Practical Examination will be conducted after the Practice Teaching cum
internship programme-from September 29th 2014 onwards.

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