Sunday 12 May 2024

Mother's Day celebration by Women Development Cell on May 12, 2024

Women Development Cell of the college organised letter writing competition - ' Letter to your mother ' & Photography competition in connection with Mother's Day celebration on May 12, 2024 for B. Ed, M. Ed  students & PhD research scholars.

Friday 10 May 2024

Acted as Resource Person

Dr Lekshmi V acted as resource person for the webinar on Adolescent Counselling: Tools and Techniques organised by Mar Baselios  College of Education, Sulthanbatheri on 10/05/24

Saturday 23 March 2024

Earth hour

Everyone is encouraged to observe Earth hour by college Energy Club 

Energy Management seminar by Energy club

Energy management seminar was conducted by Energy club 2023-24. Mr. Premkumar K, Engineer, KSEB, Pathiripala was the resource person. College principal, Dr. Ampili Aravind inaugurated the programme. Certificates were distributed to the winners of various competitions conducted by Energy club. Dr. Seema Menon K P, Professor & Energy club cordinator welcomed the gathering & Ms. Divya V V, student cordinator delivered the vote of thanks. 250 students attended the session. Energy pledge was taken & an Energy circle was created to remind the necessity of each person to work together & be a part of energy conservation & sustainability.

Friday 22 March 2024

Observance of World Water Day on 22-03-2024

Blue Army Club of NSS Training College Ottapalam observed World Water Day on 22-03-2024. Water Conservation Oath taken. Principal Prof. Dr. Ampili Aravind gave keynote address and released the sign boards related to water conservation.

Thursday 21 March 2024

Health awareness guidelines for summer & heat wave by Palliative club

Palliative club of our college disseminated health awareness guidelines among students for dealing with heat wave in this summer.

Monday 18 March 2024

Book Donation 2024

NSS Unit (unit no:301) of N S S Training College, Ottapalam organized a Book Donation Camp on 18 th March 2024. College principal Prof. (Dr.)Ampili Aravind inaugurated the programme by donating books to our college library. IQAC Co-ordinator Dr. K S Sajan, Dr. Sheeba Krishna, other faculties and almost all the students took part in the donation camp. The books received included a wide spectrum of genres like philosophical, novel, science fictional, educational, academic, grammar etc. Thus the book donation camp was a complete success .

Wednesday 13 March 2024


 During their internship, our M.Ed. students had the opportunity to meet with one of our college alumni, Mini, who currently serves as an assistant professor at the college where our students conducted their internship. This encounter provided our students with valuable insights into the professional journey of a former student and allowed them to gain firsthand knowledge of the academic environment they were exploring during their internship.

ICT Training for Teachers

ICT Training on advanced tools in LMS was organised on 13/03/24. Program coordinator Dr Lekshmi V rendered the welcome address and Prof (Dr) Smitha R, Professor , NSS Training College, Ottapalam inaugurated the session and Dr K S Sajan, Assistant Professor, NSS Training College, Ottapalam acted as the resource person.

Research Enrollment: PhD

1. Aji Narayanan. K.K: Dr Seema Menon K P
2. Umaina.C: Dr Ampili Aravind
3. Arsha. A. V. P: Dr Suresh Kumar K
4. Sunita. M.S: Dr Ampili Aravind
5. Sukanya. K. U: Dr Seema Menon K P
6. Veena. K. M: Dr Smitha R
7. Princy Alex: Dr Smitha R
8. Sruthi. S: Dr Seema Menon K P
9. Syama. P: Dr Ampili Aravind
10. Deepa. M.J: Dr Suresh Kumar K
11. Soumya. G: Dr Sunil Kumar A S
12. Ramesh. N. K: Dr Seema Menon K P
13. Radhika. T.P: Dr Suresh Kumar K
14. Biju. K. A: Dr Suresh Kumar K
15. Nisha. C: Dr Ampili Aravind
16. K. Rashmi: Dr Seema Menon K P
17. Dr. Anu. S: Dr Minikumari D
18. Sindhu. K : Dr Ampili Aravind
19. Remya. M: Dr Seema Menon K P
20. Anjusha. A. M: Dr Suresh Kumar K
21. Haridasan. A: Dr Suresh Kumar K

Tuesday 12 March 2024

NSS Training College students @Poonthanam illam




Third Semester M.Ed examination for students of NSS Training College, Ottapalam:



The Third Semester M.Ed examination results for the students of NSS Training College, Ottapalam


  One student was absent during the MED09 TE Theory exam.

  Total number of students in the class: 28.



  The highest number of distinctions was achieved in MED10 TE Practical, followed by the Optional Paper.

  MED09 TE Theory saw a notable distribution across different categories, with a significant number achieving both first and second class distinctions.

  None of the students failed in any of the exams, indicating a commendable performance overall.

  The class displayed a diverse range of performances across different subjects, showcasing a well rounded education curriculum.


This report provides insights into the performance of M.Ed students in the Third Semester examination at NSS Training College, Ottapalam, highlighting their achievements and areas for further improvement.



Overall Pass Percentage: With only 2 students failing out of 25, the overall pass percentage remains high at 92%.


Distinction: The data shows that there were students who achieved a distinction:


MED01: 8 students achieved distinction.

MED02: 7 students achieved distinction.

MED03: 8 students achieved distinction.

MED04: 7 students achieved distinction.



First Class: A total of 47.2% of students (16 out of 25) achieved first-class distinction.

Second Class: 36% of students (9 out of 25) secured a second-class distinction.

Individual Performance:


The distribution of classifications among the batches remains consistent with the previous interpretation.

Overall, the report still reflects a high pass rate among M.Ed students at NSS Training College, Ottpalam.. The number of students achieving first-class distinction remains significant, indicating a strong performance across the board.

Hearty Congratulations to Our Professors

Our faculty members Dr Smitha R, Dr Sunil Kumar A S, Dr Suresh Kumar K and Dr Seema Menon K P are promoted as Professors by University of Calicut 

Arts Fest 2024


Arts Fest

Arts festival is celebrated on 12th March 20204.Arts club secretary Kumari Sangeetha S. welcomed the gathering.  College union chairman Sri. Basim chaired the function and College Principal Prof. (Dr.)  Ampili Aravind inaugurated the function. IQAC Co-ordinator Dr. Sajan K.S, Staff Secretary Dr. Lekshmi V., Staff Advisor Dr. Sreevidya Nair N., Fine arts advisor Dr. Aswathy K.S., Office Head Sri. Suresh Kumar K.and University Union Counsellor Sri Akshay S. felicitated the function and Natural Science Association Secretary Ms.Devika P. rendered vote of thanks.

Glimpse of Arts Fest 2024