Friday, 29 July 2016

Mahaswthadevi commemoration

പ്രശസ്ത സാഹിത്യകാരിയും സാമൂഹ്യ പ്രവർത്തകയും ജ്ഞാനപീഠ ജേതാവുമായ ശ്രീമതി മഹാശ്വേതാദേവിയ്ക്ക് എൻ.എസ്.എസ്. ട്രെയിനിംങ് കോളേജിന്റെ ആദരാഞ്ജലികൾ......

Thursday, 28 July 2016

MEd 2015-17 Batch students celebrate their one year of togetherness

On 28 july 2016
M. Ed. Second Semester students celebrated_One year of their Togetherness on Thursday, 28th July, 2016. The venue was the 2nd Sem. M. Ed. Classroom. The entire teaching faculty was invited to share the happiness with. The function was presided by the H.O D. Dr.Ampili Aravind. The students released a manuscript magazine " Dhikku" in the auspicious occassion. It was followed by a cake cutting ceremony coupled with a PPT show depicting the theme_ a year of togetherness.

Sent off function of indra office staff

The college has to witness yet another emotional farewell function. Smt. Indiradevi who started her career as typist and retired as an office clerk. She rendered almost 20 years of her service in college. The college staff and students collectively organised a farewell to acknowledge her relenting service in college. The formal function was inaugurated by Dr Ampili Aravind, and the welcome speech done  by the staff secretary, Smt. Smitha R. Dr Anilkumar K.P. presided the function. Members of both teaching and non teaching staff shared their experiences with her and wished her a healthy and peaceful retired life. Suja P. S. of M. Ed second semester and Amitha of B. Ed second semester did  the vote of thanks.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

M Ed I SEM and III rd SEM Time Table Published


Dr K S Sajan acted as resource person for the scrutiny of confidential work conducted by SCERT on 24/07/2016


As a part of collaboration with Horizon Empowerment and research institute Kannur Dr K S Sajan Faculty of NSS Training College Ottapalam conducted an Orientation class for teachers and Training session for Students of Kuthuparamba Higher Secondary School on 23/07/2016.


An induction ceremony for the new batch (2016-18) of B.Ed and M.Ed students was organized on 26 July 2016. The function was presided by Dr Lakshmi K Nair, Principal of the college. The objective of the programme was to make the new batch of students acquainted with teaching and non teaching faculty of the college. An idea about the functioning of the organization was also provided along with the new syllabus to the students.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


An official assembly was organized for commemorating Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on 27 July 2016. Rifana second semester B.Ed physical science student presided the function. Assistant professor Sheeba and Smitha spoke about Kalam. The college Principal Dr Lakshmi K Nair also shared her views about the legend and his contributions to the nation. Suma, Seena,Yadhu and Sandhya representing student community spoke on the dias. The physical science department who hosted the function also presented a documentary depicting the life and works of the maestro. A poster creation competition was also held as a part of this. An audio clip consisting an inspiring speech by Kalam was played during the programme.

Friday, 22 July 2016


NAAC Exit Meeting was convened in the college seminar hall on Friday 22nd, July. The meeting was presided by the college Principal, Dr Lakshmi K. Nair. The Chairperson of NAAC peer team, Prof. S. Mohan shared views about the eminent faculties and the vibrant student community. Prof. S.C. Agarkar Member Co_Ordinator gave some suggestions for the betterment of the institution. The team handed over the report to the Principal, who was asked to hold the publishing of it until being intimated to do so by NAAC, New Delhi.
One Year of Togetherness

Thursday, 21 July 2016

ALUMNI Get Together in Connection with NAAC Visit

An interaction session with the college alumni was organised as part of the NAAC visit. Many members of the alumni took effort to be present in the meeting. The peer team members were able to gather required information from the alumni. 

Cultural Program in Connection with NAAC visit

' Samanwayam' _ A cultural Programme was organised by the college students on July 21, in the afternoon session. The rich and varied art forms foregrounding the culture and tradition of Kerala were performed on stage. The programme consisted of five items_ Sopanasangeetham, Mohiniyatam, Thiruvathirakkali , Nadanpaatu and a group dance. Shri. Rajesh Kammath, a alumni member, did a marvelous recital of Sopanasangeetham. ' Kunthivilapam' a story from the epic Mahabharata was enlivened on stage by Deepthi P.S., Second Semester M.Ed. student. A group of B.Ed and M.Ed students performed the art form Thiruvathirakkali. Nadanpaatu remained the highlight which made the audience sway according to its exhilarating music and rhythm alike. The programme came to an end by a group dance of B. Ed. students. It was indeed a visual treat for the guests.

Welcome to NAAC Peer team

As informed by NAAc, NAAC peer team arrived on  Wednesday, 20th July. The peer team consisted of three members_ Prof. S. Mohan, Chairperson, Prof. S. C. Agarkar, Member CO_ Ordinator, and Dr S.K. Upadhyay, Member. The college authorities along with the students cordially welcomed the team. The peer team visit is intended to evaluate the overall functioning of the college.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

New Look

The college was adorned to welcome the NAAC visit. Each and every aspect of the institution including teaching departments, administration, the various clubs, forums....everything had a new outlook. Praiseworthy effort of team work! Wishing success!!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016


A creative magazine named 'Jwala' was released under the auspices of Women cell of our college. The magazine was published by handing over it to our Principal Dr. Lakshmi K Nair by Jayasree, Women's Cell Secretary.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Students' seminar participation

Five M.Ed students of our college, Aswathy, Beena, Jayasree, Reshma, Suma attended a seminar ' Spark'  organized by  Ideal training college, Cheruplassery.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pick it from our 'Collegium'

Collegium serves as an information sharing platform where the details of some eminent personalities are displayed.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

B Ed and M Ed Admission Today

All candidates in the rank list for B Ed and M Ed admission should reach college at 10.00 am for admission. Please carry your original certificates,tc, admit card passport size photographs etc

Monday, 11 July 2016

NAAC Peer Team Visit

NAAC Peer Team Visit
The college expects NAAC visit in the month of July, 2016.  The proposed dates of visit are July 21 and 22.  As per the information provided by NAAC, Prof S Mohan, Prof S C Agarkar and Dr  S K Upadyaya are the members of the team.



The Vidya Vaani, NSS Training College News Letter, will be published in every three months from now onwards. First ‘three months issue’ will cover June to August 2016. The issue will be in the form of magazine  with scholastic contributions of teachers and students along with the college news.

Managing Editor & Principal

Friday, 8 July 2016

B Ed Admission Rank list published

Rank list of the BEd admission 2016 is published today. It is available in college notice board.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


A meeting of the faculty with management was conducted on 06/07/2016 in Seminar hall at 2.00 pm in connection with NAAC re-acreditation. Prof . Prasannakumar, Secretary of NSS Colleges' Central Committee and  Asst Secretary Prof.(Dr) Jagdish Chandran addressed the faculties. Dr Lekshmi K Nair, Principal presided the function, Sri Sureshkumar, Staff secretary gave the welcome speech and Dr Ampili Aravind delivered vote of thanks

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Vaikom Muhammed Basheer and Malayalam literature

"Vaikom Muhammed Basheer and Malayalam literature" on 05/06/2016 at NSS training college auditorium. The program was  commenced at 9.30 am  with college prayer. Daisy mol was  coordinator of the programme. Reeja, Uma, Saleena from MEd and Amitha, Manu, shoba from BEd commemorated Basheer and his contributions to the Malayalam Language. Dr.Anilkumar, Associate professor in NSS Training college, talked about the life and works of the legend. The programme ended at 10.15 am with National anthem.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Honour Best Paper presenter Smt Rekha Ravindran

College honors the best paper presenter Smt Rekha Ravindran and Participant Aswathy of MEd department on Friday 1st June 2016