Friday, 31 May 2019

Releiving from duties

Dr Lakshmi k Nair relieved from duties as principal of NSS training College ottapalam today

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Sent off meeting

conducted a sent off meeting in connection with retirement of  Dr Lakshmi Nair principal NSS Training College ottapalam

ICSSR sponsored national seminar

First day of the ICSSR sponsored  national  seminar  on " Academic  accommodation  of Children with special needs" at NSS Training  College,  Ottapalam.. There  were more  than 60 registration  from trs/ research scholars/ M. Ed Students and then inmates too.. Dr. Lakshmi  K Nair,  Principal of the college who is retiring  from the service  was honoured by the seminar  organisers..  The seminar was enriched by the sessions if Dr. Vaibhav Jadav,  Dr. Aerum Khan,  other invited lectures and paper presentations in parallel  sessions.. 

2 nd day of the ICSSR sponsored  national seminar.. there were sessions led by Dr. V. V. Joseph,  Dr. Vijetha srinivas,  certificate  distribution,   a group photo of all the delegates and Vote of thanks by the seminar co ordinator Dr. Seema Menon K. P.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Saturday, 4 May 2019

ICSSR sponsored seminar (academic accommodation of CWSN)

 ICSSR sponsored  seminar (academic accommodation of CWSN) to be held in May 28 and 29.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Best Paper Presenter Award

Ms. Anjana K ,Physical  Science  of NSS Training  College,  got the best paper  presenter  award  in the national conference  on " Science for all generations "organised  by PKM College of Education, Madampam, Kannur on 25 th February, 2019.She was congratulated  on behalf of Science Club, NSS Training  College, Ottapalam

Science Day Celebrations

Science association  conducted science day celebrations on Feb. 27 to 2018. Quiz competition and poster competition  held accompanied by skit, slide show, talk on importance of science day and magazine release. The program was inaugurated by V VenugopalakrishnaKurup, Principal, NSS college, Parakkulam .

Science show and exhibition of medicinal plants and seeds also conducted.

Science Day celebrations 28 th Feb, 2017 was inaugurated  by Dr Sreekandan, HOD, physics department, NSS College Palapuram. The invited lecture followed by Science show, documentary, filmshow, food fest and science exhibition.

2018 arts fest chilanka