Thursday, 16 June 2016

UGC College Regulations Amended

*4th Amendment to Regulations 2010: Approved by UGC in its 516th meeting on 15 June 2016*


> Direct teaching work load has been restored to *16, 14, 14 hours per week* for assistant professors, associate professors and professors respectively.

> There will be no retrenchment of teachers on account of API and workload criteria including those who are teaching 'ad-hoc'.

> Direct teaching hours would *include tutorials, practicals, field work* apart from lectures and project supervision.

> *Mentoring* by Professors and teachers will also be recognised while calculating direct teaching score.

> Achieving of minimum scoring in direct teaching dimension of API possible with these changes.

> Regarding research dimension of API:
*Capping* has been retained in only one sub category which is that of *invited lectures*.

> The provision of *student feedback* for teachers will still be there.

> The UGC shall maintain a *List of Journals* for the consideration of Journals for API score. Inclusion of journals to this list will be considered by the UGC on the basis of its Standing Committee recommendations on a list, *furnished by a University*, and within 60 days of its receipt by the Standing Committee.

> The University shall identify the journals subject-wise through subject expert committees and forward the recommendations to UGC in the format prescribed by UGC for approval of the UGC Standing Committee.

> The UGC Standing Committee may also, suo motu, recommend journals for inclusion in the “List of Journals”. 

> The *list of books* for consideration of API calculation will be *decided by the University* and intimated to the UGC.

> Scoring in research dimension of API will also include writing *policy documents* of Central, State and local bodies.

> *Reappointment of college principals*:

*External peer review*, in the format specified by the UGC, shall be taken into account by the Selection Committee while considering a second term to the incumbent Principal of a College.


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