Anti-Ragging Cell

As per the UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions. N S S Training College Ottapalam, Constituted an Anti Ragging Cell .The Following representatives of Teaching staff are included in this committee.

Committee Members:
1.Dr. KP Anilkumar
    Nodal Officer
    Assiatant Professor
    Mobile No. 09447393593
    E mail
2. Dr K S Sajan
    Asst Professor
    Mobile No: 9496354916Sri 

3. Dr. Sureshkumar K          
    Assistant Professor
    Mobile No:9495016861

4. Dr.Devika, R.                                                                                   
    Assistant Professor
    Mobile No.09447204962

5. Dr.S Sreekala                                                                                 
    Assistant Professor
    Mobile No.9447290425

6. Dr.Mridula K
    Assistant Professor
    Mobile No.9495341550

7. Dr. Sheeba Krishnan
    Assistant Professor
    Mobile No.9539955921

8. Mr. Akhil K Sreeedhar
    Assistant Professor
    Mobile No.9496259053

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