Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Files sent to email and in CD should be named with authors names .. not the topic name. CD should be clearly labelled.
Only light refreshment available at Tea break

For Best Paper presenter Competition
  • Only M Ed Students are allowed
  • Joint paper with Guide is only allowed. One hard copy  without the name of the guide/ supervising teacher should be submitted for competition
  • Power point presentation should not contain the name of the guide/ supervising teacher
  • Name of the guide / supervising teacher and Name of the college/ institution should not be reveled to the judging panel
  • 4 minutes with 1 minute warning time is allowed for paper presentation
  • 1 minute may be allowed for question answer session or as allowed by the chair
  • PowerPoint should not be brought in pen-drives ( Only CDs are allowed ., if CD may be  corrupted can also submit paper as well as power point through email -
  • Pen-drives are not allowed
  • If the number of papers for competition exceed, the organizing committee will scrutinize the papers and limit them
For All other Paper Presentation 
  • One hard copy of paper with the names of all authors should be submitted at the time of presentation
For Paper Publication
  • One hard copy of the paper should be submitted at the registration counter marked with red pen '- for Publication'
  • Name and address should be clearly marked on the paper.
  • Soft copy containing CD should be submitted at the registration counter.
  • Paper should also be sent to email -

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